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long, long day

After a leisurely breakfast, the day became a whirlwind of activity, putting away boxes untouched since the move-in, assisting my mother putting up lights and shelves… she’s got an uncanny knack for setting up spaces, and as exhausting as the day was (lunch down at Reading Terminal Market at 3 p.m., a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, and then back home for a naplet and another paroxysm of box-stowing and lightbulb replacing before Mixed Grill and conversation on the front porch about family trips to Europe and financial philosophies) the apartment looks a million times better than it did before my folks came visiting.

One of these years I really need to learn to this kind of space-reshaping on my own.

Trina’s cloud panels look really, really great on the walls. Pics to come.

Late Summer

One of those lazy summer mornings somehow transported to mid-autumn. Woke up to my mother making sesame-oat buns in the kitchen, sat in bed with Kate for an hour musing on the future and harassing Carlos, just to return his bugging us at 3 and 5 a.m.

Lots of house rearranging and putting away today, exactly what I’d imagined my mom’s visit would be like.

Sometimes food equating to love isn’t a bad thing

Kate had a really shitty day at work today, so by the time she came home, I’d made pan-seared chicken breasts stuffed with chives and chevre then deglazed the pan with stock and lemonjuice and a beaten egg to make a sauce. Also earlier in the day I’d roasted several onions and some red and orange peppers and made a little roast vegetable salad with oil and balsamic. Then she was really late coming home so I made raspberry lemon buttermilk muffins, which always make me think of John Romkey, since he was the one who turned me onto buttermilk muffins. Met her at the door with a bottle of Riesling and then we watched ER. (Parminder Nagra totally kicks ass.) The day seemed somewhat redeemed after that.

Started the day, though, finally putting some organization into my office. Well, okay, I lie, I put some shelves up and moved the boxes from the floor to the shelves. Amazing how good having some floor space feels. Had two Joe-Buttcrack roofers applying foul smelling roofing compound right outside my window, but other than that, a beautiful sunny day. Working from home starting to feel really good, easier to concentrate, easier to get things Done.

Irish Breakfast

on a sunny day, office still in a shambles and phone books providing the only ergonomic help I’m getting, here. Woke up to intriguing reports about the Group of 21, protesting at the WTO about rich countries’ farm subsidies and the effects it has on poorer countries. Holistic system we live in, here.

lack of will power

An evening of mediocre stirfry and fun games playing with Chad. Got out of work late enough to just want to come home and hang out. Made stirfry of salmon, baby corn, tofu, broccoli, garlic, ginger, and did vodka shots with Chad while cooking it. Turned out okay, although it made the subsequent games of Kahuna more challenging than they might otherwise have been.

Once again, it’s nearly one in the morning, and I still haven’t gone to bed. Lack of will power? Or just habit?