lyrics in the cold

Just came back from seeing Peter Mulvey with the other guys from my band … or more precisely, Jeff and Glen. corwin was struck down by a sinus infection cum cold, thus preserving the longstanding tradition of us being utterly unable to all attend a musical event we’re not playing at.

Peter was great, as usual, though he only played one electric set, not the usual one-electric, one-acoustic pair he usually does. Ah, well, it’s a school night, and he kept mentioning another new album around March, so maybe we’re all working hard. Jeff looked at me like I’d grown another head when I suggested I might walk the 20 minutes back to Glen’s house – given the ass-chappingly cold night, maybe he was right to give me a ride. Midwestern pride insists I could have done it, though, sifted-flour snow and all.

Finally (embarassingly) got the usage differences between “effect” and “affect” drummed into me today. Shameful for a grammar weenie to admit, but I’m glad to get it, even belatedly.