Like veal calves, I tell you

U.S. Says It Will Contest WHO Plan to Fight Obesity

… roughly translated, this overreaction sounds like at least one of two things.

  1. “Ain’t no tofu-eating, whale-hugging, strong-currency-carrying Yu-ro-pee-an organization gonna tell me whether or not I can eat Big Macs for a year and still feel virtuous for drinking Diet Coke.”

  2. “Darn them Yu-ro-pee-ans for making fun of me. I’m not fat, I’m big-boned.” – Tommy Thompson

I lived in Wisconsin while Tommy Thompson was governor. Option #2 sounds pretty realistic to me.

Seriously. What the fuck. It’s OBESITY, for gods sake. It’s about the most apolitical thing out there. Why is our government taking advice from The Sugar Association instead of taking concrete steps to help prevent more Americans from being fattened like VEAL CALVES by our ever hungrier-looking masters at Pepsico, et al?

Why decide that the best way for people to kick obesity is through personal responsibility, but the best way to deal with states who sanction medical marijuana is to suspend doctors’ DEA licenses to prescribe? Is there no place for “personal responsibility” there?