it's quiet

It’s 05:45, and I’m drinking a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea before driving a mile down the road to help Lafayette Noda spray herbicide around the Noda’s blueberry bushes. Along with the tea, I’m having a packet of oatmeal, topped with plain yogurt (purchased from a brother and sister team at the farmers’ market who only have one cow) and boiled cider syrup, purchased from King Arthur Flour.

Kate woke up a bit when the alarm went off, but now she’s back to sleep. The kitchen is full of half-unpacked boxes; we’re slowly finding new homes for everything, but it’s a frustratingly slow process, this re-cataloging. Fun, though, in places, trying to come up with classifications for various drawers.

  1. Things that Measure (spoons, cups) as well as Concave Things (ladles)
  2. Gadgets With Moving Parts (pizza cutters, can openers)
  3. Baking Things (muffin tins, cookie sheets, silpat liners)

… etc.