another early morning; I’m about to head down to the Noda’s farm to help Lafayette finish up spraying the field with Roundup.

Yesterday was a blur of unpacking more of our kitchen boxes (I have been envying various friends who have obviously less STUFF than we do for some weeks now, but where to start pruning?) and then playing an awful lot of pinball with Bill and Kate and John. Pinbot, Black Knight 2000, Star Trek: Next Gen, and South Park. By the end of the afternoon, we were two-fisting it, playing two simultaneous four-player games of Black Knight and South Park; that was enough to make us all insist on hitting the off switches when those games completed and sit back, feeling faintly queasy from all the beeping and physics.

Then Matar Paneer (needed salt) and the last of the weekend’s corn-on-the-cob for dinner, followed by an early bedtime.

It’s quiet outside, and the sky’s opening like an oyster shell.

Oh, and the cats are galloping around like a herd of disorganized wildebeest.