long day

I started the day walking down the road to help Lafayette pull up dead blueberry bush stumps. (what is it about days I go down there that make me want to write something about it?) Took a couple of tries to remember the tricks of driving a tractor, especially since the Noda’s tractor is very nearly as wide as the rows of blueberry bushes we needed to drive it between… but it fit, and we pulled every stump Lafayette had been hoping to in about 2 hours. Then a brisk walk back home to shower and start my regular work day.

My shoulder was bugging me over the weekend, but a couple of hours spent doing actual physical labor helped a lot.

The rest of the work day was uneventful – I started a batch of tomato sauce over lunch, realizing only at dinner time that making a single meal’s worth of tomato sauce is a monumental waste of effort and dirty dishes. Next time: make a bunch.

Kate got home from work way, way late, and she crashed and went to bed before the debate finished. By comparison to the last ones, this one was a snoozer. I can’t quite shake the feeling that there’s more at stake in this election than most. The news reports from this afternoon involving groups (systematically?) taking voter registrations and then tossing out the Democratic ones make me see a deep, angry red.

This is AMERICA, you jackasses. The WHOLE FUCKING POINT is that everyone gets to have a say, when they vote. If it turns out that there’s been a widespread effort not just to get more people from one side voting, but specifically to try and prevent the other side from voting, then they have officially missed the point of the American Experiment. We’ll have officially crossed the point of no return when visiting the “Ends Justify the Means” theme park.

Gah. I get myself very, very upset going too far down this line of reasoning. Time for bed. 05:30 comes very early these days.