Outside we’re getting what’s usually called a “Wintry Mix.” Sounds like a tasty combination of canned nuts, actually feels like God Himself has postnasal drip. The snow’s soggy, the ground-effect fog is rolling around…

It’s gonna be a long day, I fear. I got up early to talk with our team in India, but they weren’t around. Some combination of staying up Way Too Late Sunday night playing Halo2 (oh, but such fun) or the double-whammy of eggplant parmesan for lunch and Kate-made burritos for dinner (oh, but so tasty) has made my gut feel like a subway system that some homeless guy has just incapacitated by setting fire to the signal-switching room.

Rambling indigestion dreams about high school friends and early morning thoughts about wedding plans and getting some papers together for our financial advisor, coming over tonight.