a fine evening

Got out of work, went to check out two Judaica stores Richo recommended (both closed by the time I got to them), and then to Harvard Square. Parked my car not too far from the Temple Bar, walked the 15 minutes into the square, bought 2 months worth of comics (and made the decision to subscribe to “everything Warren Ellis” and “everything Grant Morrison,” which may or may not be a good idea but will at least make me feel like I’m helping to keep Million Year Picnic solvent).

Sat at Tealuxe and read them for a bit before walking up Mass Ave to the Temple Bar to meet Jason and Glen for a late dinner.

Dinner was a nondescript tuna club sandwich, but the appetizer… mmm. A mound of homemade potato chips covered in spicy salsa, fresh avocado, and a bowl of very liquidy goat-cheese reduction which one had to spoon over one’s caramel-brown chips… An excellent appetizer.

Conversation ranged from movies to divorce to commitment to whether the children we were would envy the men we are, or the other way round.

Now I’m a little too full to go to sleep, but psyched about how I got here. Evenings should be like this – full of booze, food, and friends.