It's Official!

  1. Not going to the gym for 3 months means a painful, queasy reentry to the world of working out! (I dropped all my weights by 10-15 pounds and was still straining pretty hard to finish my sets.)

  2. Bananas improve protein smoothies by about a thousand percent! (They seem to ameliorate the slightly gritty protein powder texture. Also, they are emphatically not citrus, no matter what anyone tells you.)

  3. Rice milk kicks soymilk’s ASS!

  4. Hijiki , an at-first-intriguing-looking Asian dried seaweed, when soaked in water, smells like the decaying sea matter I recall pungently from my summers in Maine, and tastes strongly of the same. Wakame and konbu I really like a lot, but I tossed the 3/4 full bag of hijiki last night after the first failed attempted at a sesame/hijiki/carrot salad. Bleargh.