Woke this morning out of a particularly vivid dream; I scraped up my arm and ribs pretty well slipping on a wet rock on a hike yesterday, and slept fitfully, as a result.

Kate, Jer Bernstein, and I were living in Antarctica, at a time when the days and nights rotated quickly and unexpectedly. We found ourselves at the South Pole and wanted to spend the night there, but didn’t have any of the gear we’d need to do it. (The South Pole, for those curious, looks like a short metal pipe with a red, police-like bubble light on it.) I finally hit on how we’d get back to Bill and Jen’s house (also living in Antarctica, apparently) to get tents and gear: we’d turn on the Xbox we had with us, and drive the computer-generated cars back.

Worked great, though we needed to sneak into Bill and Jen’s to avoid waking Jen up (the days and nights being what they were, Jen was asleep) though we accidentally woke her up anyhow and ended up talking about what kind of gear we’d take back.