First Dork Ride of the Season (with GPS)

First Bike Ride of the Season (with GPS)

Yesterday was nice enough that I got my bike down, filled the tires, found my biking shoes, toothbrushed last season’s rust off the clips (note: don’t put shoes away wet), found all the pieces of my bike rack save one strap (compensated with a bungee), drove to the head of the rail trail which starts in Lebanon, and biked the 7 miles to Enfield and back. This is the actual map of my efforts, provided from my handy GPS. (The “dork” part is the enjoyment I get out of getting details like speed and elevation out of what would otherwise be just a simple, early-spring bike ride.)

The trail was a little muddy in places, which proved challenging on my road-rigged bike, but I didn’t have to walk it at all. 40 minutes outbound to Twigs and 30 minutes back; the GPS says there’s a subtle downwards slope from Enfield back to Lebanon, which might explain the timing difference. I averaged around 13 mph, which is pretty typical for slow-and-steady me.