Sunday, brunchy Sunday

Kate’s off at a conference for NNPs in Savannah, Georgia, and I’m going to be picking her up at Logan tonight. She came down with John and Mike on Wednesday, and the four of us went to see Spamalot at the Colonial. Goofy good fun. Then on Thursday, she and Tonya took off for the Peach-Me state, or whatever Georgia is.

Rather than go home for two days, I’ve just stayed here in Boston this week, at Glen’s house. We’ve gone to see two great shows (Peter Mulvey on Friday, and then a 4-band show at Berklee, attempting to answer the question “What is Jazz?” with cacophonous weirdness from Billy Previte, some very funky spin/scratch work from DJ Logic, some stone-awesome classic-jazz from Charlie Hunter and his very multi-strung bass+guitar thing and his trio, and some mixed-slightly-too-loud but still very enjoyable upbeat bass work from Christian McBride’s band), played a number of games of Yinsh (which I keep losing; the ability to reliably look several moves ahead eludes me in this and other games), and generally had a ball.

Saturday morning I got up painfully early to go to the first face-to-face meeting of the “Creative Non-Fiction Writing” class I’m taking at Granite State College . We only meet in person twice; the rest of the class is done online, and will involve a lot of writing and processing. I’m aiming to get my writing chops dusted off a bit, perhaps with an eye towards having material for a possible application to graduate school sometime….? But that’s a ways off, even assuming I get off my butt and decide to do it.

Today: brunch with Glen, April, Laura, and Joachim, and then maybe some indy movie in the afternoon. I’m antsy to see Kate and go home. April’s going to involve a lot of travel and being away; all for great reasons and people (a late passover weekend in DC with Dave and Marnie, the band playing a gig in Boston on the 27th, followed by a weekend’s worth of taping out at Steve’s studio) but I’m expecting to come to the end of the month and firmly want some uninterrupted time in our place with our cats and our spring weather and the windows open and riding bikes and pondering the future.