Things you can do before breakfast, if you get up early enough

Kate got up even more wickedly early this morning than usual, to go running on John and Mike’s treadmill. I got up a little behind her, but still managed to do the following before breakfast and work began:

  • Roast two beautiful long red peppers we got from Barb and Elliot at 4-Season Farm , coincidentally about 10 minutes from my grandparents’ place in Maine. Seed the peppers and peel what charred spots can be peeled.
  • Make garlicky bechamel sauce with whole wheat flour, because I ran out of white flour last night halfway through making lasagna noodles.
  • While waiting for the bechamel to thicken, watch about 12 back episodes of zefrank.
  • Realize zefrank’s genius on several levels while drinking tea and watching the early morning fog.
  • Write my three longhand morning pages, as part of The Artists’ Way.
  • Assemble the sheets of pasta from last night, the roasted eggplants from yesterday, the garlicky bechamel, the roasted peppers from this morning, some fresh mozzarella, and some grated romano into an 8x10 pan, which forces the previous ingredients more or less into a lasagna-shape.
  • As the day’s heat comes on, wonder what kind of idiot makes lasagna in the tail end of July.
  • Lob pan into oven, cereal into bowl, shorts and t-shirt onto body.
  • Sit down at work, unshowered. Remember to set timer to retrieve lasagna from hot oven.