With web powers come web responsibilities...

… or in other words, it’s time to start consciously keeping up with new social/technology tools I’ve previously ignored. I got on Facebook earlier in the year, and this morning I set myself up on Twitter, as adamehirsch.

For a long time I’ve assumed that these sites (and many, many others) required one to have some idea of why anyone else would give a warm cup of anything about what I had for breakfast. Or whether or not I’m procrastinating writing an article and reporting a radio piece by thinking about what I’ll need to re-familiarize myself with to hit the ground running at WNYC in a month.

This morning: a realization. I don’t have to know why anyone else would bother following my Twitter feed, blog, Flickr photostream, or any of the other digital slime trails we leave behind these days. Hell, I don’t even really have to examine why I’m following the blogs, Twitter feeds, &c.;, for the folks I follow. It could simply be the same reason a dog licks Mt. Everest: because it’s there.