Saturday Morning

Wake up just before 7, no alarm. Slink out of bed, leaving one cat and wife still dozing. Orange cat follows me into the bathroom, then the kitchen, where I make my every-day-cup of Irish Breakfast tea. Sit down, catch up on friend’s blogs, than political blogs, then the Times. Orange cat decides I’m being boring, takes off. Follow links to various online videos recommended by friends. Then a quick scan through NPR’s stories for the last couple of days, listening to 3-4 pieces that sound particularly good. Slip to the kitchen for a bowl of cold cereal, rice milk, yogurt. (the spring temperatures here mean that I’m probably done with hot cereal for the season. See you next fall, steel cut oats!) Wife and all three cats, now, asleep on the bed. Back to my desk, where I write this note and begin to think about what reporting calls to make today and when we’ll need to leave for our friend’s seder, tonight.

Whoops. 9:30 a.m. Table saw starts running in the apartment under construction next door. Except when I say “next door” I mean “on the other side of what sounds like a single sheet of drywall held up by a coat of paint and electrical tape.” I seriously hope that when that apartment is finished, a) they’ve put up better any sound insulation, and b) that the new tenants don’t own a table saw.