(guest blog by Adam’s mom) I think this really IS the beginning of the plateau. Nothing has gotten worse today. Lung capacity seems to be improving slightly. There is a slight retreat of the numbness at the top of his thighs, and there really was a slight smile today. His facial muscles are, just slightly, staring to thaw. His speech has more energy than it did 2 days ago.

Yes, there’s relief (and a fear of really believing that he didn’t fall off the precipice into the need for a ventilator) but also a real sense of exhaustion. As Adam said, “I’m tired of this, the adrenalin is over and I want to just go home”

People are still pouring out love and communication (side note: he is not reading his email at the moment because he can’t manipulate the keys; you’ll know he’s back when you see him writing his own blog again) but as the crisis starts to recede, the regaining of all that has been lost is daunting.

Adam is fed by the bond he feels with so many friends and family all over the world. As it becomes clearer what the most useful and satisfying way to express that caring is, we’ll get the word out to you all. For now, just love him in your heart and thoughts.
He WILL return.