Guest post by Kate

We’re cautiously optimistic that the plateau continues.

Adam had a nerve conduction test yesterday, and we still don’t have definitive results. It was worse than the last test, which was expected, but the doctors said it was difficult to tell if he just had damage to the myelin (the insulation of the nerve), or if there was damage to the axon (it conducts electricity along the nerve) as well. We’ll know more when they do another test on Monday.

Adam still has the feeding tube in - he’s trying to swallow his own secretions as a step towards being evaluated by the swallow team again, but I don’t think any swallow challenges will happen until Monday. He’s definitely bummed about that, but doing whatever he can to make sure the tube comes out. He’s been off oxygen since early this morning, and his secretions seem to be thinning out, but this evening they’ve increased so he’s currently getting a nebulizer treatment to help him out since his oxygen saturations dropped a little. We’re hoping he can avoid the dreaded suctioning of his nose and throat (which he REALLY hates).

Not much has changed today. Adam is not any worse, and seems to be in a holding pattern. I’m hoping that tomorrow won’t be “just the same”, but a little bit better.