Bad News

(guest post by Adam’s mom) Bad news. The results of the nerve and muscle test show severe axonal damage to the nerves. This means that Adam has a more severe form of Guillan Barre with a much worse prognosis.
Of the 20% of Guillan Barre patients who have serious axonal damage, only 20% of them recover . 80% of this group don’t recover or only somewhat over a long period of time.

The doctors think that the plasma phoresus intervention has a better chance of impacting this severe GBS Though Adam may have had a bad reaction to plasma phoresus when they first tried it, they feel it’s worth taking the chance that would happen again for the possibility of cleaning out the antigens which are hurting him.

They’re putting the line in tonight and will start the treatments tomorrow.

Needless to say, we’re in shock. and focusing on that 20% recovery possibility.

I have nothing philosophical to say.