You and me and baby makes you and me and a tiny crazy person

Piper’s started to offer a new game to us, which we call “I’m going to wail, whine, and whoop while you try to guess what’s bothering me, and then I’m going to allow my ire to slowly subside and then fall asleep while you scratch your head and try to figure out what, if anything, changed.”

For all we know it’s plate tectonics she’s objecting to for 3-4 minutes at a stretch, or gerrymandering, or Orly Taitz, but when we know she’s well-fed, changed, not too warm and not too cool… at that point we pretty much resort to gentle mockery (at her) and going on with our lives (us). We’ve had to make some modifications – I ate my dinner standing up and bouncing with Piper wrapped to my chest and my dessert leaning back at a slight angle with Piper in full-on space heater mode, crisping all my chest hair with her mysterious heat emanations – but hey, tonight we managed to microwave leftovers for dinner and watch at least half of Harry Potter and the Even Longer Movie Than The Last One. Now we’re shoving the piles of clutter out of our way and collapsing into bed. Go us.